Inheritance: Family Anguished Over Death of Head, Spiritual Attack on Members


FREEPRESS – Following a strange ailment that rocked  the family of late Morison Osamuyi of igueosa Community in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State, members of the Family has made a plea to the general public in ensuring that further death is averted.

Consequently, the family has raised alarm over the untimely death of their patriarch. Calling for possible intervention from well meaning members of the public to restore Peace in the Community.

The widow of late Morison, Mrs.  Adesuwa Morison Osamuyi maintained that her late Hubby died of unknown spiritual sickness, arising from; that he is eligible to inherit the family house known and addressed as Igiogbe in
its customary distinctions.

Freepress gathered that, by the Customs and traditions, Igiogbe is normally inherited by the eldest surviving son of the deceased.

Mrs. Osamuyi noted that, the issue of inheriting the Ancestral Home has caused conflicts In the family, asserting that, her late hubby who was the next of kin to benefit, experienced all sorts of spiritual attacks that eventually
led to his demise.

In a determined bid to get to the root course of the multiple attacks that has bedeviled the family, Mr. Ijesuorobo Osamuyi who by these incidences took over the mantle of leadership of the family jointly consulted an oraclist as the Bini traditions demands where it was revealed that it was as a result of failure to adhere to the “WILL DOCUMENTS” as per properties, written by the deceased father which has ignited the problems.

It was also learn that, the attack was aimed at wiping the entire family particularly Favour Morison who was a major target in the lineage; having noticed some changes in his physical appearance.

Apparently by this development, Mrs. Morrison was abruptly warned by the oraclist to abstain from the controversial property to avoid losing any of her Children.

Her words: “The oraclist to me that some persons were after my life and my children after killing my Hubby. If I don’t vacate the house side by side with my children I will lose my Son and my life”.

She however reiterated that by the prophecy, she was apprehended as she relocated to her Family home town in the nearby locality.

Not done, with several indications of victimization of this fast killing ailment and warning by the oraclist, to seek asylum anywhere outside the hometown, else they will continue to encounter more attacks as a result of the inheritance of the properties, Mr. Favour has no choice than to seek asylum abroad.

In her hide out, she however call on individuals, corporate organizations and concerned authorities to come to their rescue before this deadly scourge wipe out his Family.

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