Man Alleges Threat To Life Over Wife’s Demise


FREEPRESS – There was pandemonium at 9, Edo Crescent off stadium, Benin City, the Edo State capital yesterday over the death of a pregnant woman who died at childbirth before she should could access medical help. The incident which occurred at about 8am in the morning on May 2, 2015 crippled vehicular and human traffic in the environ.

Mr. Osamudiamen Ewansetin, the eloping husband to the deceased Miss Yusuf Mariam alleged that the parents of Miss Mariam and the community have been up in arms to eliminate him for impregnating their daughter against Islamic injunction which stipulates that no Muslim shall marry an infidel, more also without paying her bride price. 

Mr. Ewansetin confirmed to our correspondent that he knew no peace ever since he got engaged to the late 28 years old Miss. Yusuf Mariam in 2015. “It has been one trouble after another since Mariam and I have resolved to leave together for the rest of our lives as husband and wife. 

“My intention was to proceed and pay the necessary marriage rites before her unfortunate demise. But her parents who are Muslims and from the northern part of the state have been creating serious trouble for me and my wife. 

Most times, they will come to my house with clubs, bowl and arrow and cutlasses to harm me. I’m not responsible for the death of my wife. She died as a result of complications and excessive bleeding”, Mr. Ewansetin said.

Death rate at childbirth in Nigeria and Africa has been alarmingly on geometric proportion while government at all levels seam completely helpless over the plague.  

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