INTERVIEW: I’ve found love-Yemi Alade


FREEPRESS – Award-winning singer, Yemi Alade, is in love. The musician, who hit the limelight in 2009 after winning the maiden Peak Talent show, has been taken. But who is the lucky man that swept Alade off her feet? Find out in this interview with Entertainer.

As releasing your sophomore album, what are your fears?

I have no fears. I am even more confident than I was when I released my debut. The sophomore album is an exciting one for me. I am excited and thankful to God for keeping me up on my game; I’m so excited.

How did you feel when you won your first Headies recently?

For long, I have craved a Headies’ plaque. I have so many awards but I don’t have that one. There is nothing more important than being celebrated at home.

Have you ever felt like quitting?

It’s very easy to quit. Many times things just happen and you say, ‘why can’t I just take a break from all this mess?’ Even before things started getting better, there were times I would call my manager and say, ‘Baba I wan get white collar job,

I don tire abeg.’ And that was because we were spending too much and making nothing. I have a BSc in Geography for heaven’s sake so, why can’t I just use that and get a job? However, the craziest part is when you’ve made a name for yourself and you feel like you can just chill. The minute you get comfortable, you are a goner! Your comfort zone is your quit zone; you have to always find more ways to make yourself uncomfortable to stay on top of your game.

Coming from a mixed background, what was growing up like?

Exciting, especially when it comes to the food; I love food. There are families where both parents are Yoruba and they only eat Yoruba food, because it’s only Yoruba food the mother knows how to cook. But in my family, my mom is very amazing. We had both the Yoruba and Igbo foods. Sometimes she would throw in Calabar dishes as well. Growing up the way I did, I think it’s a special blessing for me. I can relate with both Igbo and Yoruba and still feel at home. I can’t even hide who I am; it is very evident in my music. You can call me Eberechi or Yemi and I will answer because it’s me. It is who I am. The Yoruba/ Igbo influence has given me positive vibes all the way.

Has the business side been lucrative?

The business side of music is looking good. Aside music, I am into accessories.

I have my own jewelry line called Yemi Alade Collections.

Do you smoke marijuana for Inspiration like a lot of musicians do?

No, I don’t. Even when it comes to alcohol, it is something that makes me sleep a lot. Sometimes, when I’ve had a long day and can’t go to bed, because I have a very light head, I’ll just take a glass of champagne and fall asleep. All those things don’t work for me; they do the opposite. I am a naturally bubbly person, a noisemaker in my own way when it comes to my music. I don’t need all that. But for those that take it, enjoy yourselves, but remember, in old age, the negative side of taking these things will manifest.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am seeing someone. I am not single and that’s all I am going to say (Laughter). My love life is my business. I am not getting married immediately but when its time, I will. Right now, I’m taking my time. My ideal man is

someone who has goals and working toward the goals, someone who respects God and is close to God, A man who has a great sense of humour, and of course, a good-looking man. I like neat and good-looking guys.

How do you handle sexual urge?

I do know that every living thing has its own sexual urge. The reason why human beings are different from dogs is that we have the ability to control it.

That’s what I do; I don’t go around like a dog.

Are you born again?

I am a Christian and God is the foundation of my being, my every thing. That has definitely helped

me in my music and the choices I make in life.

Because there are too many offers that will come your way, and you come in contact with certain people that are actually powerful like presidents and governors, people who hold territorial and governing powers, my hold on God definitely helps me to stay rooted and not deviate.

Could you share your dreams with us?

I have many dreams and I pray to God that I will be able to accomplish them in my lifetime, so that when I’m gone people will be able to think of Yemi Alade as iconic.

What is the craziest thing a male fan has done to you?

My fans are very well behaved but they could be crazy online. On Instagram, it’s ‘I just want to marry you’, everyday they keep telling me something. When it comes to one-on-one, the only thing I don’t like is a male fan trying to hold my waist. I think that’s very rude.

Who are your mentors in the industry?

I have people that I look up to in the industry, like Sasha, who has always been there for me, from the beginning, encouraging and talking to me. I’m cool with Eva Alordiah, Cynthia Morgan, Monica Ogar; these are really cool babes.

And of course, my big bosses, Waje and Omawunmi, they taught me a lot.

Internationally, I love Beyonce; she is a talented woman with great stagecraft and I’m all about stagecraft.

Do you have any advice for up and coming artistes?

You just have to hold on to God. God would be there for you when the light goes off and no one is there. Secondly, nobody, no matter how big they are, blew in one day, not even Wizkid or Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber had to stay online for a long time, and all of a sudden somebody found him and he had to prove to the world that he is capable. So, you must be ready and able to prove yourself, and proving yourself takes time, sometimes it takes years. So, be good and be ready for the trouble.

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