Ize-Iyamu, the epitome and embodiment of what and where Edo can be


FREEPRESS – I have had the fortune of sitting closely with this gentleman on many occasions, and felt his pulse on issues bothering on our state, people and nation, and on each occasion found how passionate he is about the boundless possibilities inherent in our people. So it came natural for me to jump into his vision and also use the opportunity to be under the tutelage of his ideas.

 For the longest time in our polity as a state, not often has our people been bestowed with this opportunity of having a man infused with great mental prowess, charisma, humility and keenness required for governance, offering himself in service to the land of his birth.
 POI for me, offers the assurance that nigeria would yet again become the shining star as purposed by our founding fathers. He is a ‘politician in politics’ indeed, one who understands the intricacies and dynamics and can effectively and efficiently aggregate needed resource human and capital to the ailing sectors of our society.
 At this junction of our political odyssey, what is required to get to the next level and become the cynosure, is a leadership that inspires, challenges and motivates men and material, a leadership that fires up all the cylinders of progression while carrying along the people at every point, a leadership that is ecumenical (that is accommodating and inclusive) in the Edo project, a leadership under a leader of leaders, and this personage is in no other at this material time but in POI.
 Edos far and near, must see it beyond the usual politics of rhetorics, grandstanding and the self seeking gains of the past, and realize that POI stands for redemption of our state. He comes equipped with a reservoir of knowledge, experience and know how.
 We cannot afford any experiment as offered by the opposition candidate for another four years, whose only realtime hands on, is the minuscule, petty, callous and garrulous boss. God and our ancestors forbids us from that misfortune!
 Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki has wheeled and dealt with/in our commonwealth enough, and we must ensure for our collective good not to allow the pilferage persist.
 A vote for POI is a a vote for the prudent allocation of resources channeled towards infrastructure and human development, and the revamping of critical sectors and the inherent potentials of our people and state.
 With Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in the saddle, it will be safe to say that we’ll be building a foundation that will be timeless, tested and trusted, and upon which selfless public service to the people can anchor.
 A POI leadership can only attract the brightest minds of our people, willing to yet again throw their hats in the ring in the upliftment of our state. This is so because, he understands the requisite for investment and investors revolves around security, which seem lost on the Oshiomhole administration.
 POI understands that effective and efficient governance must be un-permissive of a lacuna between the leader and the led, so at all times a channel of communication (i.e. feed in and feedback) must be kept open to measure the successes and work to be done for the people. It will be a peopled government that will apply realtime actions to situations.
 This sums up my belief, commitment and thrust for this project, and for which I’m willing to go the extra mile and ask like minds to show the same zeal and zest towards its achieving.
By Prince Greg Eweka
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