15 inmates escape in jail break


FREEPRESS – No fewer than 15 inmates have escaped in a jail break at the Nsukka Prison in Enugu State.

Sources said the inmates scaled the perimeter fence padded with blankets and other soft materials.

It was the same way that some inmates escaped last month at the Kuje Prison in Abuja.

The Comptroller of Prisons in Nsukka, Mr. Lawrence Okonkwo, who confirmed the jail break, said he could not give yet the number of escaped inmates.

“Yes there was a jailbreak last night (Tuesday) in Nsukka Prison but I am not in a position to say how many prisoners escaped,” he said.

Asource said the prisoners, most of who are awaiting trial, forcibly broke down the door of their cell and scaled the perimeter fence.

He added: “The inmates forced open their cells and scaled the perimeter fence of the prisons.

 ”Before prison officials on night duty knew what was happening, about 15 inmates had escaped.

 ”We are expecting the Enugu State Prisons Controller, Mr Isaiah Amariri, in Nsukka so that we brief him on what happened last night.

 ”He will be the one to tell the public the number of inmates that escaped, the re-arrested ones and efforts put in place to arrest those still on the run.”

 As at the time of filing this report no statement had been issued. Amariri was seen inspecting facilities at the prisons.

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