EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian govt releases fee schedule for Unity Schools


FREEPRESS – The Ministry of Education has released a new schedule of fees for all Unity Schools in the country.

The announcement was made since June 2016, contrary to the claim by the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, that there was no raise.

The disclosure by parents that the government had increased fees from N25,000 to about N70,000 per term, sparked controversy last week.

On Tuesday, Mr. Adamu denied there was a raise.

“I am not aware that the school fees of unity schools have been increased,” he told journalists. “I am the Minister of Education and I am not aware.”

But the permanent secretary in the ministry, Folashade Yemi-Esan, confirmed the fees had been increased.

“You are aware of the realities in the country; it is important for the colleges to be able to maintain the students that are there and you must also be aware that these schools are tuition free,” she said.

On Wednesday, the government announced the ban on Parents Teachers Association levies, saying they had become burdensome on parents.

FREEPRESS has confirmed that the government approved and announced the new fees since June 1.

In a memo sent by the education ministry’s department of basic and secondary education, to all principals of unity schools, the government specified the approved fees for SS1 students totaling N65,000.

The memo, signed by Anne Okonkwo, shows that while the tuition fee is free, boarding students are pay N15,000 per term and N14,000 per set for uniforms.

The full list of fees are as follows:


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