Edo 2016: Gov. Oshiomhole Runs Berserk, Threatens To Kill Media Executive With His Killer’s Squad


FREEPRESS – The Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has becomes violently and destructively frenzied in a bid to secure the governorship seat of the state for his stooge, Mr. Godwin Obaseki. The political space is charged with combustible tension since he forcibly foisted Mr. Obaseki on the APC ticket.

Governor Oshiomhole has been mischievously grandstanding after he singlehandedly imposed the governorship candidate and the deputy on the party, unchallenged. Tension heightened two days ago when the Governor met his former aide, Comrade Erasmus Ikhide at the national chairman’s home in Benin City and order him out of the building for opposing his anti-democratic style and for calling him the newest godfather in town.

“National chairman sir, this boy is an enemy within. I brought him from the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and gave him a job. Now he is in Osun, yet he is writing rubbish against me, our party and the governorship candidate of our party. I will call in my thugs: Tony Kabaka, Nomoless and Shaba to give you the beating of your life and kill you”, a visibly frail and troubled Oshiomhole thunders.

In the charged atmosphere of subdued silence, Comrade Ikhide responded to the dictator thus: ” Comrade, you don’t have such powers. I will institute criminal and assault charges against you at the law court once you are out of office, if you try it. I am not in your house and I can be anywhere of my chosen because there is freedom of association, guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am not surprised at your behaviour, however. I have already documented it in my book, titled ‘Demons in Democracy’. Interestingly, you will leave office in 72 day’s time. I don’t have any problem with Aregbesola because he is not a blatant user or a pretender. I wrote against godfatherism, not APC. You joined APC fully only last year for political survival. You are not God to determine my future. Even if you send your killer’s squad after me, you can’t kill my soul and my blood will certainly nourish the seed of liberal democracy”.

After engaging the tyrant, it was obvious that Oshiomhole has been living a life of dedicated cowardice, facing the approaching effects of failure and possible attack from those who once held him in awe. He was greeted by a paradox of having his eyes opened to such a truth in the house of costly lies he has been building in the last eight years.

For some time now Governor Oshiomhole has become the profane mirror of dictatorship, more myopic and deafer by the day. The images of his political culture has become blurred, like shadows superimposed on shadows.

The tension in the APC dates back to the preparation for the primary election which nearly took the life of the deputy governor, Dr. Pius Odubu in a dwelling gun battle close to the governor’s village. Many have alleged that Governor Oshiomhole rigged the election for Alhaji Dangote’s back packer so as to cover up the many allegations of corruption leveled against the governor.

Broken upon power, Oshiomhole has now yielded to the execrable art of tyranny, apoplectic cruelty and mulish madness. His no-longer-nameless illness, paranoid schizophrenia, with his air of go-to-hell status arrogance, a crude cannibal ethos of Stone Age barbarity is criminally unleashed on the people. Many people have been jailed for opposing the governor’s tyrannical crave for raw and undiluted power.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole will go down in history as a misbegotten functional illiterate who rode on surfaces of activism; labour populism, emotive sloganeering, permanent propaganda and a merchant of politics of nihilism.

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