BREAKING: Zimbabwe military ‘seizes power’, arrests officials


FREEPRESS – Zimbabwe’s military has taken power in the southern African nation, detaining top officials in an apparent coup.

But the military denied it was a coup, instead saying it was targeting “criminals” around long-ruling President Robert Mugabe.

The military said 93-year-old Mr. Mugabe, the world’s oldest leader, was in custody and he was “safe and sound”, alongside is family.

The army had on Monday warned it could ” step in” and would not tolerate purges in the ruling ZANU-PF that had seen Mr. Mugabe’s deputy fired.

The party responded on Tuesday by accusing army chief Constantino Chinwenga of “treasonable conduct” and vowing not to succumb to military threats.

There were sounds of gunfire in the capital Harare early Wednesday, but the military asked residents to be calm.

Late Tuesday, armoured tanks had taken position in the capital.

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