We Condemn Re-introduction Of Thuggery Into Edo Political Space By Godwin Obaseki-Led Administration


FREEPRESS – We the CHRIS OGIEMWONYI POLITICAL FAMILY, stand to condemn the re-introduction of thuggery into the Edo political space, while we were happy that the former governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, now National Chairman of our great party, the All Progressive Congress dealt decisively with thugs during his administration, we are surprised to see the reawakening and re-introduction of thugs in the Governor Godwin Obaseki led administration.

We see the re-awakening of this thugs led by the Deputy Governor himself as a height of despiration by the Obaseki led administration,even when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), have not lifted band on campaign for the Edo 2020 election.

We condemn the brazen attack on the person of our National Chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole at his Iyamho resident, We consider that action despicable, barbaric, shameful and highly reprehensible. It shows very clearly the violent nature, disposition and character of those individuals that were involved and the person’s they represent.

That laudable intention of invitation giving out by our National Chairman has now been irresponsibly violated by a group of miscreants and vandals whose leader has proved to be wholly incapable of keeping them in check and restraining them from indulging in violence. It is worrisome that this kind of violent reaction would manifest when campaigns has not yet started

This brazen attack on the person of our National Chairman clearly shows that the Obaski led administration was never committed to the spirit and letters of the APC which he was supposed to protect. It is too unfortunate that while our National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and other party members are busy ensuring our nation Nigeria and supporters of APC remain committed to a peaceful Nation, the Obaski lead administration has been hatching plots to unleash violence on the Edo APC members.

We see this attack as the height of recklessness on the part of these street urchins who have long been empowered and armed by the discredited Obaski led administration to terrorise Edo people and anyone who has contrary views to their disgruntled politics. Coming just after a week of attack of APC members in Owan which left many, with very serious injuries and same last week, members of Edo State Civil society organisation were attacked by thugs loyal to the Obaski led administration for exercising their rights to protest.

This is becoming too much and this madness must stop !

Going into an election year with these thugs clearly on the loose is an existential threat not just to all of us challenging the misrule in our dear state but to the entire people of the state and their properties. We call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of these thugs. We also demand investigations to reveal those who gave the orders for these deadly attacks.

We call for all measures to be taken to ensure safety of lives and properties and sanctity going into the campaigns and beyond. No one’s political interest should be at the expense of human lives and their properties.

We insist that the Edo 2020 political contest should be seen as a contest of ideas and no one must be allowed to cow or kill others in the process.

Director of Communications

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