Obaseki now technically worse than Ambode By Ogochukwu Isioma


FREEPRESS – I am sure former Governor of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode will be somewhere now chuckling. Not because he is pleased with his inability to make a second term return but because he is amused with the actions of a man who wants to prove to Nigerians by all means that he (Ambode) should have fought his political “gods”.

I am also sure Ambode will be one of the first Nigerians to grab a copy of Nigerian dailies to get update on the latest happenings in Edo political space. He will be amused, entertained and proud of himself because he knows he is 100 per cent better than Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki.

With barely six months to the Edo state gubernatorial primaries, and with the situations on ground, it is now crystal clear that Ambode fared better politically than his Edo friend Obaseki.

Obaseki who is accused of same “political offence” as his former Lagos counterpart of “alienating party members, who made him governor”, had over 18 months warning to make amends rather he chose to crush all of them.

The results are now clear as I analyse the Governor’s chances of making a second term return in 2020.

As at today it is safe to say that Governor Obaseki has been technically defeated and his second term aspiration now a mirage which can never be realized.

A couple of days back I watched as APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole hosted party leaders in his Iyamho residence and my instinct quickly reminded me that those present there will be part of those who will work against the Governor’s return.

With over a thousand APC leaders in attendance mainly the foundational members of the party, Obaseki, who tried to counter the effect of the gathering, also held similar meetings simultaneously in Owan and Etsako where he again worsened the situation on ground by making careless statements that made even my young cousin laugh.

In a comedy-like damage control speech and action, Obaseki told his arranged audience made up mainly of people who are under his payrolls and political mercy directly or indirectly that he remains the leader of APC in Edo state and that his benefactor (Oshiomhole) remained suspended from the APC.

His audience who were mainly made up of special assistants, local government chairmen, councillors, aspiring supervisory councillors and special assistants to council chairmen the embattled governor had earlier fired due to his confusion to his rejection across party lines, clapped as they were stunned at his reckless statement.

With approximately six months to Edo APC primaries, two significant things has happened. First, Obaseki as an incumbent governor has lost 75 per cent of his party structure. Secondly, his second option of decamping to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party has been degraded by the proactive political move of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole where in a tornado-like action, former Secretary to State Government and major opposition contender for Edo Guber race in 2016 swept 60 per cent of PDP members into the All Progressives Congress.

In Ambode’s case, it was far better as he still had the structure of APC behind him even three weeks to Lagos Primaries.

Obaseki is, however, unrepentant and has continued to unleash fire and brimstone on dissenting voices. His aim, I gathered, is to destroy his party, the APC before moving over to the opposition PDP. This move, however, is yielding little or no result as no smart politician will follow the embattled governor who voted first time in Edo state to political oblivion.

It is clear that Ambode who fought to the last days and proved to be a party man by eventually joining forces with the APC to campaign for his party’s choice is sensible, unlike Obaseki whose anti-party actions are enough to earn him expulsion from the APC.

Obaseki may be heading for a fight but he will do so without the support of APC National Chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, 16 House Of Assembly Members-elect, 4 of 5 House of Reps Members, the only Edo APC serving Senator, 11 of the State Working Committee members, 3 former Deputy Governors and thousands of party leaders across the three senatorial district.

Obaseki does not need a soothsayer to know that his political end is near. He is almost alone months to the APC Primaries and may be left even lonelier than he is now.

He should by now use his tongue to count his teeth and start packing his bags and baggage out of Osadebe Avenue with his Lagos, Delta, Bayelsa, Imo, Rivers, Ekiti and all his imported aides whom he has enjoyed Edo State common patrimony with in his three years of misrule.

Ogochukwu, a social media influencer cum socio-political analyst

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