Decimation of arrogance: Hon Pius Alile query the ability of Godwin Obaseki to manage Edo State


FREEPRESS – The reaction of the governor of Edo state, Mr Godwin obaseki towards pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu prior and during the time he joined All progressive Congress (Apc) is a case of demonstration of arrogance on the part of governor.

The warning issued to private schools owners and threat of revocation of properties CFO, and subsequent banning of political rallies across the state is a clear case of arrogance and abuse of power on the part of the governor. All these unwarranted behaviour took place after letter was sent to the governor and effort to reach the governor and discuss details initiated by pastor osagie Ize Iyamu.

The governor of Edo state, Mr Godwin obaseki in his usual arrogant manner went ahead to feigned ignorance of the event and staged a violent protest in the state in order to create false insecurity situation in the state. I want to say in the face of this obvious and needless provocation, Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu mustered his political skills and expertise against the arrogance of the governor. He displayed uncommon sense of leadership in not returning violence with violence. Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu continued to decimate the arrogance of governor Godwin obaseki by his stand on the need to put the health of Edo state first.

Pastor Osagi Ize Iyamu decimated Godwin obaseki’s arrogance by showing patriotism and maintaining calmness. He strategically dislodged the negative effect of the cancellation of the rally by changing location of the event.

His political followers and supporters demonstrated resilience by turning up in large numbers, but pastor osagie ize iyamu defeated and decimated the arrogance of Governor Godwin Obaseki by providing leadership. The ability to demonstrate the right temperament, calmness, attitude, courage, and application and deployment of the right social skills are all ingredients of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ required to provide effective and efficient leadership particularly in the face of challenges.

It is obvious, that the absence of these skills on the part of governor has harmed the administration of Edo state, and political leadership of All Progressive Congress in the state since the last three years. Governor Godwin obaseki approached unpalatable issues with incessant display of emotional outbursts, anger, frustration and comments not proportional with the situation.

These recent challenges have exposed the weakness and skills shortages of governor Godwin obaseki and Edo people have started to questioned his ability and capacity to govern Edo state. God bless Edo state. Hon Pius Alile Egor local govt.

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