A Failed Possibility, Oba Market Fire And Obaseki’s Carelessness By Prophet Ojo Age

FREEPRESS – The fire that razed down the popular Oba Market in Benin City was avoidable but for carelessness and failed government of Godwin Obaseki.

You must ramsack your entire household when you suddenly find a snake in
one of the rooms. The fire which brought down Oba Market was not a sudden
one, because it actually started raging and burning down the markets and
residential buildings since the year 2019.

Granted that other markets across Nigeria have not been spared of this
rather preventable inferno. No one should be surprised at this reckless
abandon and carelessness of Mr. Godwin Obaseki since no less than five
markets have been raised down by fire in the last five months.

Mr. Godwin actually believes that he is larger than the state and to him,
Oba Market and many other markets in Edo State are insignificant. The
question has been is it not possible to put in place a dedicated fire
service department or a standby fire service vehicle in Oba Market or
within a quick reach to save it from such burnt in case of any

Governor Godwin Obaseki have no respect for Edo people and our traders
otherwise he would have showed enough interest in their affairs, haven
witnessed how their wares were destroyed by fire in the last couple of
months. Although, Edo should expect less as all promises made by the
Governor to the incensant fire victims and markets women have ended in

It beats my imagination that it was said that it was the Delta State fire
service that later came to the rescue, whereas nothing could be saved owing
to their late arrival. We must leave in fear of anything if the present
Government could not provide adequate fire fighting facilities.

It is a fact that the Mr. Obaseki Government is only interested in self
ambition and ego tripping. It’s high time we change this Government as Edo
people should be wary of Mr. Obaseki and his antics as he may have believed
that he is larger than Edo people, their properties, welfare and safety.

You can imagine the loss, trauma and devastating setbacks for the market
fire victims and the entire state. It is extremely careless that a Governor
will fold his arms to watch and supervise sorrow and agony of his own
people. Not everyone who trades actually does his/her business without a
borrowed money. How do they survive in the face of so much multiplier

With the borrowed moneys, frustrations, high blood pressure may prompting
the victims to attempt suicide since the government has failed them with
all multiple taxation. To make matter worst for the traders in the face of
the regul regular fire incidences, our social workers are not well equipped
to move into the situation to savage what’s left of the destruction. All I
can say is that with so many great potentials, Edo can ill-afford a
primitive government and his archaic tardiness that looks away while our
collective heritages burned. We must do our best and put a reasonable
government in place for the people as 2020 governorship election beckons.

Agge is the President, Yes for Equity, Justice and Peace Initiatives.

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