Post-Obaseki’s Misguided Government In Edo (5) By Erasmus Ikhide

FREEPRESS – FOR Governor Godwin Obaseki, exchanging the attire of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) comes at an alleged cost of N8 billion Naira of Edo State tax payers’ money. The swapping of his old godfather (Adams Oshiomhole) of the APC for a new one (Governor Nyesom Wike) of the PDP has brought Mr. Obaseki from his artificial height of unswerving chaos to unpardonable confusion. 

If Mr. Obaseki thinks he has escaped the righteousness of politics of inclusiveness in Edo State by clinging on to Governor Wike of Rivers State to avoid the first set of politicians who brought him to power in the first instance, he has simply shot himself in the foot. Mr. Wike is a rabid, vicious and violent godfather who, like  Shylock, a character in William Shakespeare’s play, “The Merchant of Venice”, would demand his pound of flesh at the appropriate time for his political investment. 

Now, can we truly say that the betrayer Governor Obaseki is actually fighting godfatherism by importing failed PDP godfathers from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria to Edo State to secure second term for him. What are the assurances that he would win the main election on September 9th this year? Mr. Obaseki has merely succeeded in trifling and sniffing out his ambition owing to his political impotence and lack of emotional intelligence. 

True to type, Mr. Obaseki gleefully whores himself into PDP and parrots the self-same staled argument of refusing to “share the money” with the APC as the major cause of his exit from the party when the humongous amount with which he bought the PDP Governorship ticket from Governor Wike is already flying in the air. Even without certificate, Mr. Obaseki does not require certificate, nor spiritual strain; neither asceticism, nor outward counsel to know that his new found voyage or estacy in PDP would become delusional; miserable, and end in staĺled-ambition and pyrrhic victory. 

As a man of tumultuous agitation; immense violence, feverishly spreading falsehood the Governor has gotten the state fraughted with disaster, against the standard practice in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. If Governor Obaseki has an excuse to violate the social cum physical distancing law, the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari can’t afford to bury its head in the sand like an ostrich, as usual and allow Mr. Obaseki to escape the wrath of the law for violating COVID-19 pandemic restriction laws of Edo State and that of the Federal  Government of Nigeria. 

If Naira Marley and Funke Akindele were arrested and prosecuted for disobeying COVID-19 law on social distancing of more than 20 persons in a gathering, Governor Obaseki deserves the same punishment for allowing more than 1000 jubilant campaign crowd at his defection venue as televised all over the world. 

Strictly speaking, the Governor should be brought to justice for disobeying his Gazette law passed with a proviso that no more 20 persons in social gathering or social distancing on the COVID-19 pandemic in Edo State. The Federal Government should  also ensured that all those present are traced and quarantined immediately to curtail the spread of the epidemic. 

The arrest and prosecution of Mr. Obaseki is the only way the government can convince Nigerians that COVID-19 Virus is not a ruse or political in Nigeria. Already Nigerians have been doubting COVID-19 existence as a result government hypocritical approach and the belief that it was meant to defraud the country. The Federal Government and Presidential Task Force (PTF) must act fast to persecute Edo State Chairman PDP and Obaseki for disobeying the law.

Mr. Obaseki’s alleged rented crowd at 2,000 per person in the 18 Local Government Area of the State and from the 192 wards could still have been reserved for later date, specifically on election day, as it’s now the tradition for votes to be bought, and those who are not ready to have their votes bought would have their heads smashed by the Governor’s head hunters, as usual.

It’s clear from the stand point that it is unlikely that the road leading to Edo State Government House in 2020 may be littered with dead bodies and bodbags, courtesy of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s refusal to heed the voice of reason to avoid brutal politics and embrace statesmanly approach, in defeat. 

To be continued.

Ikhide, A Social Crusader, Journalist and Security Expert writes from Lagos, Nigeria. 


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